Puppies and planned litters 2015

A wagging tail is move sincere than many handshakes

 No puppies available!!

the puppies are born on 03-11-2013

Strawberry -PÖ-PA PU-GU Het Zwaard ( nickname Dokhy)

We have 2 boys and 1 girl

3 hours old,

Strawberry's Amigo, Strawberry's Lucky Bear and Strawberry's Blueberry

1 week old

Strawberry's Amigo,  Strawberry's Blueberry and Strawberry's Lucky Bear



Some pictures of previous litters

There is one dog and one girl

On this picture the pups 16 days old

And his sister Springtime Hoity Toity het Zwaard


Currently no puppies available from this litter.


The puppies out the combination Blacky het Zwaard X Popo het Zwaard

3 days old on this picture.

Three days old on this photo, them names are;

Billy, Binck, Bikkel, Bibi en Birte.

15 days  oldˆˇ

18 days old ˇˆ


On the next photo's the puppies are 4 weeks old


Binck, Birte, Billy and Bibi

Binck, Billy and Bibi


Bikkel and Binck

The first time outside:







On the next pictures the pups are 8 weeks old

First Billy

Second is Binck

Then Bikkel

The girls, first Bibi (alias Bonne)

And Birte


On the next 3 photo's, they are 1 day old


We call them;

Starshine het Zwaard en Moondancer het Zwaard

and the four bitches;

Twinkel Wish het Zwaard, Rainbow Dash het Zwaard,

Cheerilee het Zwaard en Scootaloo het Zwaard


Puppies nearly 5 weeks old


Mango's Pia and Puppy's.


First 3 girls, Pumpkin, Strawberry and Blossom




Today, playtime outside




Mum and Buttercup




Have a look on www.izp-photodesign.nl







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