The Tibetan Spaniel has a delightful temperament, for while he obviously likes to stress his superiority of breeding by his somewhat haughty expression, he is only too ready to let his hair down in a mad rush round the garden with his friends.

He comes in a great variety of colours, but his coat never varies in its gleaming, silky texture, which in spite of its length is not hard to keep in good condition.

He likes company and exercise, but he is quite happy to let life take it course, and is a healthy chap needing relatively little food and a minimum of fuss.



The "Het Zwaard" ("The Sword") kennel of Mr and Mrs Aad and Ineke Zwaartman, already known for their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, welcomed its first Tibbie in 1995, Hussy/Gussy van 't Burgstse Hof, also known as My/Li. My/Li has show talents, and also considers herself "very genuine". It is great to have show dogs like that! In addition to her Dutch title, she obtained the titles "Best Tibetan 1996" and "Winster" and BOB 1997. And she still is in charge among the Tibbies in this kennel, and she is 14 years old now.


Quite soon she was joined by the little blond Golden Gloria van 't Burgstse Hof, also known as Lotus; both came from Mrs Ria Kavelaars' kennel.
The team was strengthened by a particoloured dog Kydro White Lightning, also known as Jason (Youth-Winner 1998), imported from Mrs M.I. Sykes' kennel in Wales. He was mated with My-Li, and sired, among other puppies, Dutch Champion Simba het Zwaard, now owned by the Belgian mrs M. Batens. 
Meanwhile Simba has revealed his show talents at the Crufts 2004.



Jason 2009

Spring 2011, He past away.



Our older Tibbie-clan


Two home-bred bitches - the sable Gwennyn het Zwaard and the red Cunwa het Zwaard, both daughters of My-Li - also made a small contribution. Dutch Champion Gwennyn, born in My-Li's first litter, became the Zwaartman's first home-bred Tibbie.
Dutch, Belgium, Luxembourg and Int. Champion Gismo het Zwaard, owned by Mrs C.Dekker, was born from mating Jason to Lotus. He has just started his show career and obtained BOB in Hulten 2004.


Gwennyn het Zwaard




Currently 2009, 14 Tibbies are living in the Zwaartman residence. Occasionally, they can be seen at shows*; five of them are now Dutch Champions. Others, International or Belgium's and Luxembourg's Champion.

Both Aad and Ineke are still extremely satisfied with the breed, and have devoted themselves to the publication of a book.

Ineke is meanwhile FCI judge for the breed, that is why we do not enter our dogs so frequently on dogshows anymore.

Two  Pearls from the East

The past 15 years I have been FCI judge. I am group-judge of Group 9 and Group 5 and some breeds in group 2, 3, 7 and 8. Also BIS-judge.

Both breeding and judging are serious hobbies of mine that I enjoy and I hope to continue both for many years to come.

We are also members of the Tibetan Spaniel Association England, Tibetan Breeds Club in Belgium, Cavalier Club in the Netherlands, etc. etc.


Gismo het Zwaard, older halfbrother of Popo

Popo het Zwaard


On the right Popo

Our Missy-Lin het Zwaard and her daughter Golden Glory het Zwaard (Fifi)


La-Bam-Ba het Zwaard

Babsi v.'t Burgstse Hof with one of her puppy's




Kennel het Zwaard - Since 1976. Small, but select.




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