Introduction and history of our kennel and Cavaliers.

The Cavalier is an active, graceful and well balanced dog, with a gentle expression. 

His large, dark eyes and melting expression are a true indication of his sweetness of character. Sturdy and hardy, in a range of four such lovely colours. It is always difficult to know which to choose.

A happy dog whose pleasures are simple - he will enjoy a long country walk, meandering round the shops or sitting beside you in front of the fire. He is good with children, he is a devoted companion, absolutely non-agressive and easy to care for.

His silky coat requires little attention and his ever-wagging tail shows how easy he is to please. We enjoy this lovely breed every day!

Below a little photo-history of our kennel.


The photo above left, our first Cavalier, Wendy. The photo top right, her son. The bottom photo, our first Cavalier litter.


Our second and third litter of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


The photo above left, our Cavalier bitch Silvia het Zwaard during a show in Rotterdam, where she was Best Bitch. The photo top right, also Silvia on the agility course. The photo below left, Ineke in England. The photo right below our first tricolour male Caine.


Lady Babette het Zwaard, the daughter of Silvia het Zwaard


                Sorata Joseph

                 Joseph and Ineke


Sorata Joseph got a lot of certifications with excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOB.

He was in 1983 Best in Show at the first Championship show of the Dutch Cavalier Club.

He finished his show-career in 1988, also at the Championship show of the Dutch Cavalier Club, with Best Veteran Dog and Reserve Best in Show.
He was nearly 11 years old when he passed away from us.


Sorata Joseph on show 1988


Sorata Jospeh was very kind to puppies



Black and tan puppy from our kennel




On the upper two pictures you see Soata Helena

               Sorata Hurricane

                       Sorata Helena


Sorata Hurricane


Sorata Hurricane got excellent show results and/or CAC and CACIB. Also a lot of his children.

At the Championship show in 1990 of the Dutch Cavalier Club, one of the daughters of Sorata Hurricane and also grandchild of Sorata Helena, named "My Fair Lady het Zwaard" (owner Mrs. R. Bor) was Best Bitch CAC-CACIB and also Best in Show.


Little Bandit het Zwaard 1992                 and                       My Fair lady het Zwaard 1990

Little Bandit het Zwaard


And in 1992 again at the Championship show of the Dutch Cavalier Club our dog and home-bred Little Bandit het Zwaard got the title Reserve Best Dog and also Best Dog in Breeders Class.
Little Bandit was the son of Sorata Hurricane x Sorata Helena.
We lost Bandit and also his mother at the age of 12 years. 


Sorata Elliott was a little sturdy and absolutely fearless black and tan dog. Also Elliot got a lot of Excellent qualifications, certifications etc.
But most of all, really very very nice childeren/decendants.

Thank you for that, Elliott.


Puppies of Sorata Elliott


Aad en Elliott



Little Bandit's het Zwaard and his mother Helena Sorata


And the most of our black and tan and ruby girl gave us a lot of pleasure on shows and at home.
Especially our black and tan bitch "My Hope Black Shirley het Zwaard", daughter of our ruby bitch Caitlynn-Ann Pug of Corona Cottage and Sorata Elliott. But also our black and tan bitch.


My hope Black Shirley het Zwaard


Pareltje het Zwaard was a beautiful lady with that special melting expression of the breed.

Again excellent show results, she finished her showperiod in the year 2002, with Best Veteran Bitch and later that day "Best Veteran of the day" at the Championship show of the Dutch Cavalier club.




Five of our whole color males of the time




Kennel het Zwaard - Since 1976. Small, but select.


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